Our Process

Art lives in everyone. It makes us think. Inspires us. Drives us to opinion.

The Art Partnership provides corporate art consulting services, as well as arts advisory to corporations, hospitals, healthcare providers and the hospitality industry. But more than the industries we serve, we provide a customized, site-specific art program for each and every client.

Our process includes:

Step I Information and Evaluation
Meet with the client to determine goals and/or interior designer’s intent for the space. Collaborate with the client on artist interests as it relates to the space. Walk through the space and review plans for the work area to foot traffic ratio. Determine the location of art within the space.

Step II Proposal & Budget
Discuss and finalize lighting and other site-specific challenges and opportunities. Prepare the proposal & budget for the custom art program.

Step III Art Selection
After budget estimate approval, The Art Partnership will gather a collection of works from appropriate artists and themes.

Types of work may include:

  • Original works on canvas and paper
  • Prints
  • Photographs
  • Posters
  • Sculptures
  • Textiles
  • Ceramic Pieces
  • Site-Specific Commissions

Step IV Framing and Installation
After specific artwork is selected, The Art Partnership will supervise the entire framing and installation process, including the following services:

  • Documentation of all collections for insurance and other requirements
  • Relocation of existing work
  • Reframing of existing work
  • Selection of and framing of new work
  • Museum quality framing and installation

Step V Optional Services

  • Re-utilizing existing art collections
  • Art handling
  • Inventory management
  • Disposition of art through tax deductible donations

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